Summary of Tiers of Service


This is a quick summary. For more detailed information about tiers and their benefits, click here.

Observer (T2, Free)

This tier is free to anyone and it allows you to enter any courses and content labeled (T2) or lower and to view the social media exchanges within the site such as blogs and forums. You can read but not write, so you can't enter any text on the site, such as posting comments or contributing to social media. Also, any sections or activities within courses labeled (T3) or higher are not visible.

Active Member (T3, $10/Month)

In this tier you can both read and write, so in addition to everything in the previous tiers you can participate in all the social media, such as posting to forums and blogs, and commenting on content within the site. You can join chats with other logged-in users and you can exchange messages with other users whether or not they are currently logged in. You can access any content labeled (T3) or higher and you can watch videos, as long as they are (T3) or lower.

Interactive Member (T4, $20/Month)

This tier includes all the benefits of the previous tiers, plus you can interact with apps on the site, such as quizzes and adaptive lessons. Optionally you can receive grades and evaluations where available. And you can upload or download content. You can earn badges, which are symbols of achievement or merit. You can record audio and video which can be very useful, for example, if you want to share musical ideas with others on the site. You can also manage your own private storage area.

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