How to Use Integral Arts Academy


We've tried to make it easy to get around this site quickly.

First of all, on the home page and on all course pages, above the content area there is a row of large colored navigation buttons which take you to the main areas of the site, such as "Dashboard" and "Site Home."

Just above the navigation buttons there is a path string that always tells you where you are within the site. For example, the path string for this page is: Dashboard > Courses > About This Site > About > How to Use This Site. You can click on any link within the path to navigate up to that page.

At the top of every page is a green navigation strip with links to the most commonly-used educational content within this site (Integral Arts Academy) or at Integral Arts Academy is a satellite site of, but it is treated as a separate site.

At the bottom of every page there are also links to take you all around the site, including to log in or out, edit your profile, or explore interesting content. Some of these links have an asterisk (*) which indicates that they go to a relevant external site outside of both Integral Arts Academy and


This site was built using Moodle, a content management system for online courses. Thus, most of the information is organized as courses. The courses are themselves arranged within categories and categories may themselves be contained within other categories.


To see all the currently-available categories and courses click here. This link is also available in the menus at the bottom of every page. When you get there you'll see a list a titled bars with the names of the main categories. Click in the middle of the bar to expand it and see any subcategories as well as the names of any courses at the top level of the category. Click on the title text at the left to go to a dedicated page for the category where you will see not only any subcategories but also a description of the category as well as descriptions of any courses at the top level of the category.

Most course titles begin with a prefix in parentheses, something like, "(W-T3) Introduction to Whatever-Topic" which means that the course is in a weekly format and you'll need at least a T3 (active member) tier of service to enter.

Here is a screen shot showing categories and courses. The items begining with the circular icons are courses.


This link will give you all the details of enrollment.

In a nutshell, your options within a course depend on your tier of service at the time of enrollment. Many courses will let you enter without having to log in, but you'll only be able to see introductory material. The higher your tier of service the more activities will be available to you within the course.

Some course don't allow you to enter or enroll at all unless you have a sufficiently high tier of service, and if so this is indicated in the title of the course.

Generally you can enter any course that you're current tier of service allows but in some cases a course may require a numeric code called an "enrollment key" to enter.

Also, premium courses may require an enrollment fee, and if so, all eligible users will see a link to a payment page. Payments are handled through PayPal, however, PayPal gives the option to use most major credit cards.


To see the calendar of events click here.

Note: some users have reported an issue accessing this site using the Safari browser.  If you try to access a page and you get a message that Safari can't open the page, just try again. Usually the page opens on the second try.
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