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Getting Started at Integral Arts Academy

At integral Arts Academy there are 3 membership tiers:

T2 Observer (free)
T3 Active Member ($10/Month)

T4 Interactive Member ($20/Month)

All prices are in US Dollars.

Observer (free)

This account lets you sample some of the content that IAA has to offer. You can also view much of the social media exchanges within the site but you can't enter text anywhere except to change your user profile and preferences. Note that you'll need at least an Observer account already in place before you can access any premium content.

Active Member ($10/Month)

This account allows you to access nearly all the courses in the site except for premium content. You can participate in all the sitewide social media and you can access all static content types including Web pages and tutorial videos.

Interactive Member ($20/Month)

This account adds the ability to use the interactive apps within the site, such as quizzes and adaptive learning exercises. You can also record audio and video direct into text documents and you can optionally receive grades and evaluations where available.

More complete information about the tiers of service is here:

To open an Observer account:

Go to the login page and click the button that says  "Create New Account," or if you prefer you can login using your FaceBook or Google account.

(You can also click the button that says  "Login as Guest," which will give you very limited access to content, but you can take a tour of our online campus.)

To open an Active Member or Interactive Member Account:

1. If you don't already have an account at Integral Arts, please create that account first. You can do so by going to the Login page and following the instructions above to create your free account.

2. Now go to the Stanley Jordan Patreon page and sign up for either the Active Member tier or the Interactive Member tier. Make sure you use the same email address at Patreon that you used here at Integral Arts. We'll watch for the signup with the same email address and as soon as we see it we'll link the two accounts and upgrade you here at Integral Arts. You'll get an email message when your Integral Arts account has been upgraded. We promise to do the upgrade within 48 hours, but in practice it should much quicker.

3. Your membership at Patreon includes fanclub benefits, and you can start using those immediately. You'll receive instructions about that when you complete your Patreon signup.

To change your tier of service:

Go to the Stanley Jordan Patreon page and make the change there. You'll get an email message when your Integral Arts account has been updated. We promise to do the update within 48 hours, but in practice it should much quicker.

If you switch between Active Member and Interactive member we'll make the equivalent change here at Integral Arts as soon as we see it.

If you switch from Active Member or Interactive Member to one of the two fan accounts at Patreon, your Integral Arts account will be downgraded to an Observer account.

If you change your tier of service you'll have to re-enroll in any subscription content courses that you're currently enrolled in, as explained in the "Enrolling in Courses" link below.

If you cancel your Patreon account completely, your Integral Arts account will be downgraded to an Observer account.

If you want to cancel your account at Integral Arts:

Please emails us your cancellation request. This way we can make sure the Patreon and Integral accounts never get out of sync.

Language and regional support:

When you create your account at integral Arts, make sure to set your language preference if it is not American English. Or you can change that any time in your account profile.

Integral Arts Academy is an international site and our aim is to support as many languages as possible. Although our educational content is currently all in English, the Web site itself can be configured for any of 34 languages and dialects. Near the upper right of your screen you'll see a drop-down menu that allows you to select the language of your choice. Also, this site will detect the default language of your Web browser, and it will automatically reconfigure itself for that language if available.

Over time we also plan to internationalize our educational content as much as possible. If you are a professional translator please feel free to contact us if you'd like to help.

The following languages are currently supported:

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