Optimal Learning - Overview


Everyone understands that "practice makes perfect," but they seldom take the time to really define the word, or to cultivate their practicing methods into a fine art. Furthermore, in today's complex world, few have the kind of quality time that musicians of the past had to hone their craft, so today it's more important than ever to have an efficient approach. Finally, many musicians view practicing as a necessary evil, and some even dread it. And then there are the many folks who played in the past and would like to start again, but they have some fear or bad memories. But that's not how it should be!  If you have any negative feelings about music, you're doing something wrong.

The purpose of this course is to address all these issues. By the end, students will come away with an understanding of what good practicing is, how it fits into their overall life as a musician, and how to turn it from drudgery to joy.

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