Updated "6 in 7" P4 Chord Charts

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There has been an update to a course activity

Course: Jordan Chromatic System Harmonic Libraries.

Section: Voicing charts for string instruments in P4 (4ths) tunings

Activity: P4 Fingerboard Diagrams of 6-note Voicings of 7-note Chord Types


It is now a dynamic outline so you can expand and collapse sections by clicking on the triangles at the beginning of each line. Also, some explanatory documentation has been added.

New RSS feed: "Cultural Evolution"

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We have just added a new RSS news feed page called "Cultural Evolution News." This page has been added to support IAA's ongoing commitment to furthering the understanding and support of cultural evolution. In general these feeds pages should be viewed frequently because there's always something new of interest on your favorite topic.

You can access this page from the main menu of the home page at Integral Arts. As of the date of this post the main menu looks like this:

All news feed pages have the word "News" at the end. Just click the link indicated by the arrow to open the new page. So far the new page has three feeds:

Deep Transformation (Podcast)

This podcast is hosted by Roger Walsh & John Dupuy, and it consists of interviews with leading thinkers, sages, scientists, and activists offering diverse ideas from around the world on how to go beyond traditional positions and polarities—beyond
 left and right, material and spiritual—to seek syntheses of deep wisdom and practical know-how that integrate the best of all positions.

A recent 2-part interview features philosopher Steve McIntosh entitled: "Consciousness Evolves, Politics Can Too: Beyond the Culture War."

Daily Evolver (Podcast)

Jeff Salzman hosts this weekly podcast covering a wide variety of contemporary and general topics involving world events and trends. Always insightful, and always bringing an integral perspective to bear. Sometimes he features guests.

A recent episode entitled: "Gender Fluidity: Fruitful and Fanatic" is one of the most nuanced discussions you're likely to find on the topic and it includes some very valuable historical background. "Cultural Evolution" is one of the pre-eminent science publications in the world and these links document their ongoing scientific research on the topic of cultural evolution.

To give you a flavor of their content, a recent article is entitled: "New insights on commemoration of the dead through mortuary and architectural use of pigments at Neolithic Çatalhöyük, Turkey."

Integral Arts Academy Opens it Doors!

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After many years in the making, Stanley Jordan has launched an online school called "Integral Arts Academy." IAA is dedicated to the cultivation, exploration, and sharing of knowledge in all fields from an artistic perspective. Stanley says, "My goal is to cultivate the artist within everyone, and thereby empower humanity to create a beautiful and sustainable vision for the 21st century and beyond."