• 3D Chord Chart Library (Coming Soon)

  • This image is a screen shot from an upcoming system for organizing chord charts. The 3D arrangement shows you how families of chords are related to each other. This system is not available yet, but the good news is that the existing 2D system already shows you the same information, just spread out in a different form.

    The main link for the current 2D version is the Chromatic System Chord Type Library. This library is not a part of an Integral Arts Academy course but is open to the public.

    For an even more comprehensive chord-scale reference check out the Integral Arts Academy course: Chromatic System Harmonic Libraries.

    All of these links make use of the Jordan Chromatic System, which differs from traditional harmony because it's designed for much larger harmonic vocabularies. The traditional system is designed to descibe harmonies that were in common use historically, but the Chromatic System is designed to describe what is harmonically possible. Big difference.
    To learn more see the course Introduction to the Jordan Chromatic System.