Introduction to Array Programming for Kids

A Unique and Exciting Summer Coding Course For Your Child!

Because today's world is more competitive than ever, parents are looking to give their kids the best opportunities available. It's common knowledge that good coding skills are extremely important, and that they're a de facto requirement to be accepted into the better colleges and universities.

But, while simply knowing how to code in any language is good, it's not the advantage it once was, since everyone's coding these days. Array programming, however, is an exciting coding technique that will provide your child with a tremendous competitive edge. It's a unique paradigm that teaches your child an exciting new way to think about coding and mathematics. And the best part is that it's interactive and fun!

As your child's friends spend frustrating hours writing and debugging in traditional computer languages such as Java and Python, your child will write a few concise lines of code in a fraction of the time to accomplish the same task. Array programming is no gimmick--it's widely used in many of today's Fortune 500 firms.

The beauty of array programming is that the basics are so simple that kids have no problem in grasping them--in fact most kids love array programming as they find it interesting and stimulating. And they will learn not only a valuable skill but a new way to think about problem solving.

Array programming is not taught in public schools or in typical kids' coding courses. This is because the majority of professional programmers still labor with traditional programming languages as that's what they've been taught. Although array programming languages have been around for years, it's almost as if they are the industry's best kept secret.

As such we are excited to offer a live online three-week six-session course to introduce your child to the exciting world of array programming. The course includes a FREE download of an array programming language ($1600 value) and a 12-page conversational guide specifically written for kids.

We're sure that by the time your child finishes this course you'll agree that array programming is not only an incredibly fun and powerful way to code, but that it will prove to be one of the more important components of your child's intellectual development for years to come.

Meet the Teachers

Erik Friis

For over 35 years Erik Friis has been employed by top Wall Street firms including Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, and Bank of America, specializing in the writing of algorithmic trading software using array programming languages. He graduated cum laude from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1983 with a degree in Computer Science. He has two grade school children aged 10 and 12 and he is currently writing a book on array programming.

Stanley Jordan

Stanley Jordan is a world-renowned jazz guitarist and composer. He has spent a lifetime exploring the connections between music and science, and he has developed much of his own music production software in-house. Since graduating from Princeton University in 1981 Stanley has performed in over 70 countries, and in recent times he has shifted his focus more toward teaching. He has a daughter, Julia Jordan, and two grade school age grandchildren. Julia is a singer-songwriter who has published two children's books.

The Schedule of the Course

There will be two separate tracks of this course, and the classes will take place every Tuesday and Thursday for three weeks. Each class will be held online using Zoom .

Dates and Times

Track 1 (Tue)
Track 2 (Thur)
Week 1

   July 21
10:00 AM ET 2:00 PM ET
   July 23
10:00 AM ET 2:00 PM ET
Week 2

   July 28
10:00 AM ET 2:00 PM ET
   July 30
10:00 AM ET 2:00 PM ET
Week 3

   Aug 4
10:00 AM ET 2:00 PM ET
   Aug 6
10:00 AM ET 2:00 PM ET

How to Get Started

The tuition is $179.95.  If you have any questions feel free to email us.

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