(W-TP) Stanley Jordan’s Touch Technique Workshop (Part 1)

If you’ve ever taken Stanley's in-person seminar “Keys to optimal Leaning for Musicians” you can get credit for the first session and pay a reduced fee of only $495. (You can still join the make-up session or watch the video.) Just send an email to SJ101GW@stanleyjordan.com with the place and approximate date when you attended and after confirming we’ll get back to you with a special sign-up link.

The Zoom meetings will take place weekly for 6 consecutive weeks. Each session is 2 hours long, with 1:30 of instruction, and :30 of time with other students to collaborate on class projects, discuss the material or just hang out.

Week 1: The Art of Learning — The main focus is on the actual doing of it. Experiencing the state of rapid learning and anchoring that state so you can tap into it any time.

Week 2: Touch — covering just a few techniques, but getting in there and really making them work. Breathing and relaxing to enhance performance, mental focusing.

Week 3: P4 Tuning — doing some exercises and experiencing what is so cool about it. Exploring when to use what tuning and managing the use of multiple tunings.

Week 4: Basics of the Jordan Chromatic System— how the guitar fingerboard is the ideal system for visualizing notes and chords in JCS. Using the pitch class color map.

Week 5: Refining Techniques — getting control of dynamics, articulation. Getting comfortable playing scales, arpeggios parallel lines and chords.

Week 6: Combining touch with other techniques, such as picking and strumming

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