(W-TP) Stanley Jordan’s Touch Technique Workshop (Part 1)

Stanley Jordan is widely regarded as the foremost exponent of the touch, or two-hand tapping technique on guitar. In 2020 Stanley was listed at #5 in a Guitar World Magazine article entitled "40 Guitarists Who changed our World Since 1980." The article focused on Stanley's contributions to the touch technique, which opens up enormous new harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic possibilities for the guitar. Originally developed by Jimmy Webster in the 1950s and expanded by pioneers such as Dave Bunker and Emmett Chapman, this technique exploded in popularity through the work of Eddie Van Halen in the late 70s. It was originally considered more suitable for electric instruments, but Michael Hedges changed all that with his rhythmic approach on acoustic guitar, which continues to this day through the work of contemporary innovators such as Kaki King. Electric touch guitar remains in wide use today in the math rock genre.

In this course Stanley will offer practical instruction in the three main schools of touch technique. This is a very hands-on course (pun intended), so be prepared to roll up your sleeves and make some music!

The Zoom meetings will take place weekly for 6 consecutive weeks. Each session is 2 hours long, with 1:45 of instruction, and :15 of time with other students to collaborate on class projects, discuss the material or just hang out.

For each lesson there are two available meetings to choose from, making it convenient for all time zones in the World. The complete schedule of meetings is here.

Week 1: The Art of Learning — Effective learning is the foundation for all development, so we cover this first. Students will learn the basics of Stanley's highly effective learning method, with the main focus on the actual doing of it. Experiencing the state of rapid learning and anchoring that state so you can tap into it any time.

Week 2: Touch — covering just a few techniques, but getting in there and really making them work. Breathing and relaxing to enhance performance, mental focusing.

Week 3: P4 Tuning — doing some exercises and experiencing what's so cool about it, and how it unleashes the expanded possibilities of the touch technique. Exploring when to use what tuning and managing the use of multiple tunings.

Week 4: The Jordan Chromatic System applied to guitar. Students will learn how the guitar fingerboard is ideal for visualizing notes and chords in JCS. Using the pitch class color map.

Week 5: Refining Techniques — getting control of dynamics, articulation. Getting comfortable playing scales, arpeggios parallel lines and chords.

Week 6: Combining touch with other techniques, such as picking and strumming

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