Stanley Jordan Jazz Guitar Workshop (Part 1)

The Zoom meetings will take place weekly for 6 consecutive weeks. Each session is 2 hours long, with 1:45 of instruction, and :15 of time with other students to collaborate on class projects, discuss the material or just hang out.

For each lesson there are two available meetings to choose from, making it convenient for all time zones in the World. The complete schedule of meetings is here.

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スタンリー・ジョーダン101ギターワークショップでは、ジャズの歴史の中で最もオリジナルなギター奏者の一人であるスタンリー・ジョーダンに学ぶことができます。このオンライン・ワークショップは、スタンリーから直接学べる最高の機会です。 そして、彼の講義はあらゆるスタイルの即興ギターリストに最適です。










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毎週、ダウンロード可能な「配布資料」をお届けします。また、Zoomミーティングへの参加方法もお知らせします。(パソコン、スマートフォン、電話でも参加できますが、フルサイズの画面のあるパソコンをお勧めします。) これらの情報は、各Zoomセッションの前日に公開されます。


Stanley Jordan 101 Guitar Workshop will give you the opportunity to study with one of the most original guitar virtuosos in the history of jazz: Stanley Jordan. In this online workshop you'll have the opportunity to study directly with Stanley. It's ideal for improvising guitarists in all styles.

You'll get a crash course in all the things that make Stanley unique as a guitarist. Not only his guitar technique and tuning but the thinking behind it, including his unique way of looking at music and his highly effective learning methods. 

The medium group size will allow you to get personal attention. Not only will Stanley show you the secrets behind his unique approach to jazz guitar but he will actually help you master the material.

The course will cover these topics in 6 weeks:
The Art of Learning
P4 Tuning
The Touch Technique
The Jordan Chromatic System
Jazz Guitar Harmonic and Melodic Concepts
The Art Of Improvisation

We recommend you join the Zoom meeting 15-20 minutes early to work out any technical issues that may arise.  Click here to learn more about Zoom.

You will receive downloadable "handouts" each week that will outline the main points and give you things to work on in between sessions. You will also receive instructions to join the Zoom meeting. (You can join by computer, smart phone or telephone, but for best experience we recommend a computer with a full-size screen.) All this information will be made available the day before each Zoom session. 

All the zoom sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the course, so if you miss any sessions you can watch them later. All of the materials will remain available to students of this course until October 18, 2020.

The price for the entire 6-week course is $595, or 3 easy payments of $209. When you click the [ENROLL] button below you'll have the option to choose your payment method.

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