(T-T1) Introduction to the Jordan Chromatic System

The Jordan Chromatic System (JCS) is a numerical system for musical harmony  created by Stanley Jordan.  Building on the work of Milton Babbitt and others JCS extends and generalizes integer pitch class notation. It includes a large library of harmonic resources that can be applied to both tonal and atonal music, and a  simple and elegant notation to facilitate efficient mental calculation, making it especially useful for Jazz improvisers.

This introductory course provides an overview of the main concepts of JCS, in a framework that shows how they all fit together.

Students who have completed this course will be familiar with all the main concepts and terms of JCS and will know their way around its extensive harmonic library. In addition they will know how to use it to facilitate musical analysis, composition and improvisation.

(T-T4) Chromatic System Calisthenics
Test your JCS smarts, train your ear and sharpen your mental calculation skills. Now that you have a foundation in the basics of JCS this course will help you put that knowledge to use quickly. You have the knowledge, now it's time to acquire the skills. This course is fun!

Prerequisite: Introduction to the Jordan Chromatic System
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(T-T4) Jordan Chromatic System Elite Access

This members-only course includes exclusive materials not available to the general public. This includes more musically interesting and varied exercises as well as downloadable tracks that you can use for creating your own music.

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(S-T5) Jordan Chromatic System Development

This course tracks changes and updates to the Jordan Chromatic System, such as proposed and implemented updates to the preferred chord type lists.

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