Stanley's approach to music has never existed in a vacuum and it has always intersected other topics.

The Music Department is currently by far the most highly developed part of this site, however, over time other departments will continue to grow and play an increasingly important role. The ultimate goal at this school is to develop all departments to where they are complete on their own terms.

But here at Integral Arts Academy the arts are considered our most essential knowledge, the heart of our wisdom and inspiration, and the  foundation of our methodology.

Artists are good at lateral thinking--drawing connections between diverse pieces of information, which enhances creativity, exploration and discovery, and insight. Artists also tend to take an integral approach. Artists aren't content to merely satisfy core requirements; artists do it with flair, with style, with grace as well as grit.

This leads to a more powerful and memorable result that succeeds on multiple levels and is more likely to satisfy the ecology question: does it actually work in context? This point flies in the face of the tired old stereotype that the arts lack real-world relevance. By accounting for feelings as well as facts, the arts-informed approach is more efficient in the long run. The artist puts the vibe on it, making it more complete and therefore more completely real.