This section is the epicenter of the Integral Arts Academy. It evolved from what was originally planned as the "Stanley Jordan School of Music."  However, Stanley's approach to music has never existed in a vacuum and it has always intersected other topics. It became clear that this school should rightfully be embedded in a larger, more integral school. That larger school became the Integral Arts Academy.

This whole project has been longtime dream but only recently a functioning reality, and it certainly has a long way to go. Watch for these upcoming developments:

The Department of Music will expand into a multidisciplinary school of the arts. Other departments will continue to develop, but the arts will remain the epicenter of the whole Academy.

Note: the 6-week course "Stanley Jordan Jazz Guitar 101 Workshop" is listed at this level because it fits into multiple categories including guitar, music theory and the art of learning.

The Music of Stanley Jordan
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(W-T5) Stanley Jordan 101 Guitar Workshop

Stanley Jordan 101 Guitar Workshop will give you the opportunity to study with one of the most original guitar virtuosos in the history of jazz: Stanley Jordan. In this online workshop you'll have the opportunity to study directly with Stanley. It's ideal for improvising guitarists in all styles.

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